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Multicast Chat System Creator

This program implements java's multicast in order to transmit messages between 2 or more users. The default address used with this program is and port 4001 . Of course these parameters can be changed in the GUI based on the user's desire. Also, the user may supply any Avatar/Chat Username to be used during the chat session.


This multicast chat system is useful for friends, co-workers, specialist, and ect. This chat system can be used on any network that allows for the use of multicast. Multicast is used as a backbone of the internet as addresses 244.2.X.X known as MBONE. If the chat is occuring in the local subnet it is reccommended to use for the address. This address is also the defualt adrress for the program. Also, if mobile devices are used it is reccommended to use address .



When starting out your screen will display the defualt values for the port, IP, and avatar name. The defualt port settings are 4001 and the defualt IP is . While for the avatar name just has the value of Unknown User . alt text

It is reccommended that the avatar name is replaced with a descriptive name that other users can recognize you by. Afterwards make sure your IP and port are the ones you want to use and correspond to what you want to do. If these addresses work for you then hit the button Join Chat .

alt text

Joining Chat

Once you have hit the joined chat button you will be greeted with a notification if the operation was successful. The notification should display avatar name is connected to chat at address

alt text

If another user joins the chat you will recieve a notification stating the avatar has successfully connected to the chat and will recieve any messages posted in the chat room. alt text


In order to send a message type in your message in the box next to the tab labeled Message . Once you have completed typing your message hit ENTER or click SEND MESSAGE to send the message to all users connected to the chat room. alt text

All messages will show up in the message box located under the chat handler name. Each message will contain the id of the user who sent it and this will be visable on all users screens even those who sent the message. alt text

Leaving Chat

In order to leave chat you can click LEAVE CHAT and this will disconnect you from the multicast chat system. Once you have disconnected all remaining users on the network will get a message that you have left chat. alt text

If the user clicks EXIT CHAT it will close out of the the program and if the user was connected to chat before hitting the button then all users on the network will be notified that the user has exited out of the chat program. alt text



This project is created under the GPL-3.0 License


  • Please always change the name from Unknown User to the name you want to use

  • In order to start sending messages make sure your address and port is right. Then hit join button and the program will allow you to start transmitting messages,

  • Have fun!


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